Thursday, November 15, 2007

- Goin' on a trip

I goin' on a trip, goin' on vacation, goin' away from work, WOO HOO!!!!!

I'll get some knitting time, site seeing time, time with my Mamma, time with my grandma, YEE HAW!!!!

Goin' to the touristy towns of Mexico, never been to those, should be interesting. I'm gonna cruise it up, and eat a lot, and relax with family, ALRIGHT.

I resolve not to worry about work, stress over what hasn't gotten done, and enjoy myself. But I'll miss the BF, and the friends....knowing they are probably glad for a little break from me :-)

Perhaps I will finish my hat, or start a new one, likely I won't do either. Maybe I'll find some Christmas presents, but probably not. I'll take a ton a pictures, then forget to upload them for about a month.....I won't have internet access or phone access, I'll effectively be cut off from life and the rest of the world, oh what oh what will I do?

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