Tuesday, December 18, 2007

- Busy, but had some knitting time

Well I've been really busy lately, what with work and the holidays, but I've managed a little knitting time. I've finished the fiber trend clogs for FH (future husband), but I didn't felt them enough, so I've got to do it again. I've also gotten a few dishcloths knitted. They are all made from my old counterpane book, here is a link to an old post about it. here is a link to the book I used. I don't have pictures of the dishcloths I've knitted lately, no time to take and upload pics. But I would highly recommend the book to any knitter.

The counterpane patterns are wonderful for blankets, but they are also great for dishcloths. A good resource, and absolutely beautiful pictures!

I've been obsessing over these needles from knitpicks, here is an up close picture of the needles. They are beautiful, and I've heard/read nothing but great reviews of the from both Knitting help and ravelry! I like to look at these needles and dream. One of these days I'll splurge and get them for myself. The only problem, would be I wouldn't ever want to leave my house, because all I'd want to do is knit, knit, KNIT!!!!!!

Oh and I wanted to point out this blog it's written by a female Episcopalian priest who knits. How very cool!!!!!!!!


gaga said...

I love your links. I've been traveling a lot recently for work but have managed to get all the pieces finished for a jacket sweater I started in February and have worked on on and off since. I need to get it all put together and do the collar and finishing. I'm taking all of next week off and I can't wait to get it all completed. Some people go on vacation to the beach. I go on vacation and finish knitting projects!

That felting thing is a trick, isn't it? I did a few catnip mousies for the bosses and I'm sure I didn't felt them enough as they are quite big - more like catnip rats - but the employers are still having fun with them.

Mom and Dad said...

Your wish has been granted. Your needles http://www.knitpicks.com/Options+Harmony+Wood+Interchangeable+Needle+Set_ND90306.html
will be shipped after the 2nd of Jan.