Monday, December 31, 2007

- How to win a child's heart and realize you're a knitting nut

Ok, the fact that I even searched for this pattern makes me realize I have a problem with knitting. I think I can do anything by knitting.....and/or I can make anything by knitting.....

My soon to be step-son (gosh that's a trip to think about) is a great kid. He's fun, and silly, and fascinated by knitting. I was working on a hat for Daddy last night, and the little one wanted to know when he was going to get his hat. Now he changes his mind all the time about what colors he wants for his hat. Orange, green, orange and green, blue, black, stripes of all colors, big yarn, bigger yarn, green and purple, etc. It changes every time he asks. So I thought, hmmmm, little one likes...nay....LOVES sponge bob (as does Daddy, gotta love hearing them follow every episode, word for word, but I digress). So I thought, hmmmm, wonder if there is a pattern out there for a knit kids cap with sponge bob on it. Well there is not! BUT there is a kid's knit hat pattern that IS sponge bob, and here it is! OMG, I was right, you CAN make anything by knitting!!!! Hmmm, maybe I'll make Daddy one too?!? Naaaahhh, he likes sponge bob, but wouldn't wear sponge bob.

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