Tuesday, December 30, 2008

- Blog to make you laugh

I love funny people. Funny people are like fresh air, or your favorite food. You always want it, but aren't always around it....and you can never overdose on it.

This blog post is hysterical. If you're having a bad day, check it out, so freakin' funny. It's from 2004, so it's an oldie but a goodie. This seriously made me snort.

Now the rest of his blog is funny too, so you've got to check it out, but the one I linked too, is so very "manly" and really brings so many manly qualities to the forefront. It also reminds me that when baby is born, she might not be the only one I'm telling, "NO! That doesn't go in your mouth."

Or to my mother who will understand this "Don't lick the ballet bar is a valid rule for 5 year olds."

Monday, December 29, 2008

- So it's been about a month....

Damned if time doesn't fly! It's apparently been about a month since I posted but, I know, surprisingly I've been busy. :-)

I've got 3 weeks left until bebe is supposed to make her wold debut. I'm going to go out on a limb and say she'll be late though. I'm fine with that, I'm feeling great! No problems, no issues, the worst is when she sticks her butt in my ribs and arches wanting rubs. Sigh. I think my kid is going to have a large behind, no scratch that, I think she already does. And I think she knows I'm typing about her, 'cause she's squirming all over.

I'm anxiously awaiting Jan. 20th, not only for the due date, but for the inauguration of the century! One of my co-workers is going with her daughter, that's lucky lady! But hey, I live in the 20th century, we can tape it. <--- Oh my husband has recently pointed out to me that saying I am "taping" something shows my age, as we no longer "tape" but "record" things on the DV-R. WHATEVER!

So what's been on my mind? You know it has to be something. Ok, here goes. (let's see can I offend someone today?) Jehovah's Witnesses. I don't get them. I don't get the 'you can't celebrate holidays', but then lets have a 'family get together'. Or their 'you can't celebrate holidays' and if the rest of your family gets together because they aren't Jehovah you can't go. So effectively they are separating families, causing strife, frustration and doing to complete opposite of what I understand Jesus taught. Fine, don't bring presents, don't accept presents, but don't stay separate from your family. Especially if your family is a religious and spiritual one in the first place. It's not like it's all about the presents.

I've seen in a couple of places, and talked to a couple of friends who have had this situation come up recently. That and the "I'll pick and choose what I'll celebrate." or "I'll take your presents, but don't expect one as I don't celebrate". Come on, at least be consistent. PLEASE. If you have a belief stick to it, not just when it's easy for you, but always. To me it is worse when you only follow your "beliefs" some of the time than believe in something I can't wrap my pretty little head around but you follow it faithfully.

Now, about Condi Rice and her "People will thank Bush later on....." Really?!? What people will those be? Seriously, do you believe that, because if you do, than DAMN, you aren't as smart as people give you credit for. And Laura Bush. I know he's your husband, I know you want to back him and support him, but even you can see he's an idjit! I'll give it to you that you don't want to say it in public. Maybe to a girlfriend or two, quietly, in private. I'm ok with that, but don't come out in public and praise him. Sit back with that Mona Lisa smile and look out at the American public and share with us the secret that we all know (worldwide) to be true, you married a man who is just out of freakin' touch, and thinks he's not. He's that dad who thinks saying things like "dis" and "kicks" and "dude" is ok 'cause "all the kids say it". NO, its not ok. Keep your slang, use it and be proud of it. Stay out of touch and own it, be ok with it, but don't try to pretend you know what's "hip" or "cool" or even "current events" 'cause damn it Bush, you don't.

Friday, November 21, 2008

- Secret Stork flys again

Got another one.

Star is our
beautiful baby girl
with a tiny soul
sweet and new,
That your Daddy and I
that the world
was waiting for
adorable little girl
just like you...

I still don't know who it is, but I have a guess! :-)

This time it's two more receiving blankets which you can NEVER have too much of! :-) I'm 31 weeks 3 days today....that means on Tuesday, Nov. 25th, I'll be 7 1/2 months. WOW, time is flying for sure!!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

- Secret Stork strikes again!!!!

The newest poem;

My Baby

dear little baby
little child so small
I have yet to hold you
to look upon your face
for nine months long
I will shelter you
tucked within my womb
only God will see your face
so safe and secure
quietly sleeping, playing
only water where you
rest your tiny head
until nature begins
it's creaking and churning
slowly out you will come
from your watery nest
then you will be
a part of this world
knowing only your needs
oblivious to the rest
this world may sting
it may toss you bad turns
on it's turbulent waters
so different from the
peaceful waters of the
womb you once
nested in
when your first days began
don't ever give up
for your Heavenly Father
will always reach His hand
out to you
if you reach out for His
He will pull you to safe
and calm seas once again
and wrap you in His arms
of love
and He will show you the way

We haven't opened it yet. But the presents from the secret co-worker stork are;

1) Baby hats
2) Baby gloves that squeek when you squeeze them
3) Two little burping blankets.
4) A Winnie the Pooh brag book (little photo album)
5) A CD of baby Lullibys
6) _____________ <---- have yet to open.

- Gotta love what kids say.

So all week my son has been with us. One rule we have is "try three times, if you can't do it yourself, THEN ask for help."

So all week, he's been trying to open water bottle, etc, and if he can't do it after three attempts, then "Um, can you open/do/help....." All week with the water bottle it's been while I'm driving, so I tell him "hold the bottom tight then I reach over with one hand and WaaLa it's open.

This morning he got out of the shower, he was all try and had just put on lotion, I told him to grease his hair. I hear him making grunting/trying to open something sounds. Then I hear "Can you help me?!?" I go over to the bathroom, open the door and he is hold the jar of grease. He says "I can't open this." I tell him, hold the bottom. Then with two finger I barely twist and WAALA it's open. Super easy, super quick.

The look on his face was hysterical. Amazed/shocked/confused/a little scared/and just over all wide eyed, and he says "Uh, are you a wizard?!?" As he backs up a step.

OMG, I almost died laughing. Poor little guy. I had to explain that I was not in fact a wizard, but that my hands had no lotion so I could open the jar without my fingers slipping.


Yesterday when I picked him up from the babysitter, I walked in and he was already ready to go. He lifts his hat to me and says "Salutations mom." And did a little bow. How cute! I love my little guy.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

- Obama

I am without words.  I worked the election yesterday, and when I got home I found out that Obama won.  I cried!!!

He is a bi-racial man, a first generation American (on one side), he has achieved the highest office this country has, and he will become president in 2009...the 200th anniversary of Lincoln's birthday.

My daughter will be a bi-racial woman.  She will be a first generation American (on one side), she can achieve her hearts desire, and I can tell her that with no shadow on my heart, with no hopefulness in my voice, I can tell her that knowing it is true, know it can/has been done.  I can point to Obama and tell her, tell my step-son tell my future children, they are equal in the eyes of the majority. 

Yesterday we as a country achieved something that I was taught would never happen in my life.  I was taught this by my very liberal Bay Area elementary school teachers.  The taught it with regret, with sadness and with frustration, but they taught it nonetheless.  I now know what my parents taught me is true.  No matter what, things can/will change.  If someone tells you it cant be done, they're wrong, they just cant see beyond their own experiences.  Learn to look and see the possibilities and anything can happen.

A man was elected not due to the color of his skin, but the beliefs that he held, and he was elected 'despite' (for lack of a better word) the color of his skin.  The issue wasn't his ethnicity or the birth country of his parents, but did we as a people belive he was the best man for the job.  The answer was YES, and that is wonderful to me.
Ok, I'm not without words.....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

- Secret Stork strikes again!

My secret stork has hit again. The poem this time is;


Baby Face,
you've got the cutest little baby face,
There's no other who could take your place,
Baby Face,
my poor heart is jumpin'
you sure have started somethin'
Baby Face,
I'm in heaven
when I'm in your small embrace,
We didn't need a shove,
Cause we just fell in love,
With your pretty baby face.
It was a CD of Baby Lullibyes.
Ok, the other thing. I'm knitting a baby hat, and crocheting a baby blanket....lets see if I finish them. But so far so good!!!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

- I got another one. Count is 4.

Ok, so my office's secret stork left me another present. This time it wasn't on my chair but it was found in the employee break room with a note saying "WHOEVER FINDS THIS PLEASE DELIVER TO ELISA. THANKS"

It's all wrapped up pretty in pink with pink ribbons. There is another poem.

Daddy's Lullaby
Close your eyes my pet, I will sing for you,
it's a lullaby I never knew,
in this world you know, some things must come and go,
but my world is all in loving you,
It's a simple song, and it's words are true,
and I'll do the best that I can do,
as I write this song, how can the words be wrong,
when they're all about my loving you,
you've got Daddy's nose, a joke I suppose,
but it's still, what makes up you.
As you close your eyes, here's a prayer or two,
While you sleep I will be here for you.
Things might come and go, but this you'll always know,
Daddy's lullaby is just for you.

I haven't opened it yet. The last present was two receiving blankets.

So far this is the 4th present.

1) three baby hats
2) Gloves with a bear that squeaks when you squeeze them.
3) two receiving blankets,
4) ______________? I won't open it til I'm home with Daddy.

Friday, October 17, 2008

- More Secret Stork

I got another one:

ABC Poem
A is for angel, sent from above,
Bis for baby, smothered with love,
C is for cute as cute can be
D is for diapers and changing them for me,
E is for everything baby and more,
F is for father walking the floor,
G is for glad you are finally her,
H is for hiccups that are funny and dear,
I is for icky sticky messing,
J is for Jesus and His blessing,
K is for kisses and kindness and keep,
L is for Love, so wide and deep,
M is for Mommy and her loving arms,
N is for Never coming to harm,
O is for oat cereal and later Cheerios,
P is for precious little fingers and toes,
Q is for quiet, baby is sleeping,
R is for relatives, always come peeping,
S is for sleep, but not for your folks,
T is for tub and all those long soaks,
U is for unconditional as in love from your parents,
V is for very active as you will soon merit,
W is for wakeful, watchful and wise,
X is for the Xtra Special light you brought to our eyes,
Y is for you - who is a bright as the sun,
Z is for zest of living that you gave us, little one.

I haven't opened the present yet, so I don't know what it is, I'll have to update when I do.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

- Secret Stork

So one of my coworkers, has decided to become my secret stork. :-)

In the last two days I've had two presents left on my desk with no name, but a poem attached.

Poem #1
Time Well Spent
See tiny fingers and tiny toes,
Bright baby eyes, cute baby nose;
Hear baby gurgles and baby sighs,
As Mom and Dad sing lullabies.
Life is changed, but that's okay;
It's fun to spend glad hours each day,
Taking time for all the good
That comes along with parenthood.

Poem #2
A Baby is a Miracle
This little tiny baby
Was sent from God above
To fill our hearts with happiness
And touch our lives with love
He must have known
We'd give our all
And always do our best
To give our precious baby love
And be grateful and so blessed

In the first present I got three little pink baby hats. In present two I got little gloves with a bear that squeaks when you squeeze it.

I sent out an e-mail this morning when I got to work (prior to the second present) saying I think someone forgot to sign their name and let me know who they are so I could thank them...I got the second present right afterwards. I'm so curious as to who it is, and think they are so sweet whoever they are.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

- What I want

Ok, I'm a tech geek. I've seen the articles on the new Blackberry Storm, and I want it. Wow how I want it. Doesn't it look awesome?

Ok, now to real life. We pre-registered for the hospital last night. They did a cool little presentation, showed a DVD, showed a slideshow with pictures of the maternity ward. Gave us sandwiches, cake, fruit, and lemonaid. Then when we left they gave us a nice canvas "labor bag" and a set of handmade (knit) baby booties. :-) Super cute. I really like our hospital, and their policies, I'm getting more and more comfortable with where we are going to go.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

- Picking up the needles again.

So I want to ease back into knitting. I definitely want to make stuff for the baby but I wanted to start with a small project that I know I can/will finish so that when I really get back into it, I'll have that "I accomplished something" feeling.

So I picked up the needles yesterday CO about 35 stitches with some cheap 'ol walmart brand cotton. I'm going to make a dishcloth.
Row 1-2: Knit 2 rows,
Row 3: K2 *p1,k1* K2,
Row 4: K all stitches,
repeat Rows 3 and 4 until desired length. After completing a K2 *p1,k1*K2 row, knit two rows bind off.
I figure simple, quick, slight pattern-ish, good way to ease in.

Then I started thinking, "If I'd made this bigger I could TOTALLY make it into a bib...you know your back when while you're knitting a project you are already 1)thinking of the next one, and 2) making adjustments in your head.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

- OMG Peta is ridiculous

OMG, PETA is too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read this article. They want Ben and Jerry's to start using breast milk as opposed to cow milk.

Now on to more serious topics. John McCain wants to suspend his campaign and "work on the economy." Ok, maybe it's me, but that makes me think either:

1) He can only focus on one issue at a time (ie not a multi-tasker) and when a serious problem arises he can't do anything else but pay attention to that and only that.
  • Except seriously? He has to suspend his campaign?!? Does anyone REALLY truly think McCain runs the campaign? Come on, he has people to do that. He delegates, he doesn't deal with the day to day stuff. So in reality, he's suspending nothing.
2) He wants to take momentum away from Barack.
  • If he really wanted to do that, he'd debate and make a good showing of his knowledge of the issues and "win" the debate. That is what will truly take momentum away from Obama.
I'm sure there are people out there who think this is some king of genuine......uh....something, but seriously, can you be more of a politician? Can you say political game? I am sick and tired of this kind of game playing BULLSHIT! Debate, make your points, talk about the issues, answer a freaking question! That will win you points.

Oh, OH, how 'bout this, TELL THE TRUTH?!? OMG, do you think that might help?!?

Oh, BTW, I'm working the election as a precinct inspector. I'm working it in all my pregnant glory. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'll be 6 months next week!)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

- 80% chance of......

Well according to the OB we have an 80% chance of a girl. Her(?) legs were not only closed but crossed, and she refused to open them. She also had her hand covering her face. :-)

We're hoping to try again for a look, but we'll see if it happens.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

- Can't wait...and what I miss

I can't wait until Tuesday, we will find out if we're having a boy or girl or if it is going to be as stubborn as myself and DH and not share its gender. How exciting, right now there is so much anticipation as to the gender I haven't even wonder what the personality will be like let alone what it will look like....although soon I will have to stop calling it "IT" and call it he or she. :-)

What I miss:

dirty martinis
SUSHI; oyster shots, hamachi sunrise, raw fish sushi.....oh how I miss you sushi.

Friday, August 29, 2008

- What a historical year!

Ok, I'm due January 20. I think that ROCKS. That is the day the new President and VP take office. Now here's the thing....

With McCain just making his announcement and choosing a women for his VP and Obama being the Democratic Presidential candidate my baby will be born in (what I think) the most historic year in the history of our country since we gained our independence, or since the end of slavery. And the thought that my baby is due on that day?!?

Despite who you are going to vote for, despite your party affiliation, its amazing. I am so thankful that this is when my baby is coming into the world. Despite our problems, despite our issues, changes are being made every day.

I remember in elementary school (mine was VERY liberal Episcopal school in the San Francisco Bay Area) being taught that a women and ESPECIALLY a Black man would NEVER EVER be a candidate let alone "allowed" into the white house....now despite your choice one or the other will be.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

- pregnancy and finally some knitting!

Apparently I've been retaining some water....or about 5lbs. My feet have swollen from a size 6 1/2 to a 10. Needless to say, this is not the best. So the nurse told me to stay off of my feet as much as possible this weekend, drink 3 liters of water a day, and go to prompt care if I get dizzy, have vision changes or headaches. I've been keeping my feet up, and have been drinking a butt load of water and am feeling way better. My hands are still swollen, but not as bad, so I've been able to knit three whole rows (120 stitches) in the round, in order to start a new hat for my MIL. I haven't been able to knit in forever! My hands have been hurting for a while and I just haven't been able to knit. But now, VICTORY!!!! :-)

I'm going to attempt the Claudia hat again. Last time my problem was that I didn't follow the pattern. So I messed it up. I'm going to try again. I love the hat, and think my MIL will too.

I found the pattern on Ravelry.com.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

- BIG news

I haven't posted in quite a while, and I've been posting intermittently at best, why you ask....well you probably don't ask, but I'll tell you anyway.......Ready?!?

I'm pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup, I'm preggo! 4 1/2 months to be exact. I'll find out in two weeks if we're having a boy or a girl....or a puppy, I'm hoping for a boy or a girl.

So you'll have to forgive the intermittent posting, we're busy, and excited, and typing with swollen finger, not my favorite past time. :-)

Friday, August 8, 2008

- Can't knit right now

I want to knit, but my hands HURT. I have some nerve pinching going on right now, so I can't do anything. They huuuuurrrrtttt. But it shouldn't last forever, so I'll get back to it soon.

So in the interim I'll post some sites that are fun:


Thursday, July 31, 2008

So my husband worked out of town yesterday. He left yesterday morning at 5am, and got home at 11pm last night. We ate a quick bite, and went straight to bed.

So Hubby woke up at 4am I'm guessing for a quick trip to the bathroom. He shakes me awake and say "Hey, it's raining" Now it's been a pretty mild summer, mid 90's few 100's this year, but raining?!? NO WAY. So I say "Hunh? Inside?" <---- Yeah, I'm a genius when I wake up, right?

Hubby says "Yup, it's raining in the bathroom....don't try to make sense of it, just come here"....Sure as #### it's "raining" in the bathroom. The upstairs apartment is leaking into our bathroom. GREAT!!!!

Our "manager" is supposed to be here with someone to fix stuff at 10am. Meanwhile, the celling is bulging, and water is dripping. I saw the upstairs neighbor and told them there was water leaking from their bathroom into ours. I asked them to talk to the manager, not run their water and check to see if there is water coming from anywhere.....what did she do? She left.

Up date, there is now a huge hole in our ceiling. They almost had to break into the neighbor's apartment because they have changed the deadbolt, and their toilet tank has been leaking for God knows how long, and they "never noticed". GRRRRR. We have to wait for the ceiling to dry out before it gets fixed.

Friday, July 18, 2008

- 1930's beware

Apparently if this were the 1930's and I was a wife this is how I would do:


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

Curious how you would do? You have to take the test! Some of the questions are HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!!!! You can take the test as a wife or a husband. Wanna see how'd I'd do as a 1930's husband:


As a 1930s husband, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008

- Difference between the teachings of Jesus and the teachings of the church

I don't think I have to explain, but I will. I think it's very simple really, and I don't/can't understand why everyone can't get it.

Jesus said love all, care for all, include all. Everyone and everything is God's creation and God's creations should be loved and cared for.

The church (and IMHO the Episcopal Church does a little better than most) says, love those that don't make you uncomfortable, care for the people who are like you, and include ones who you understand. Those who make you uncomfortable, aren't like you and you don't understand must not be God's creation, because God wouldn't create different.....right?!? I mean really, God doesn't want us to grow and change, God doesn't want us to evolve and think, God doesn't want us to be inclusive and God sure as shit doesn't want us to EVER be uncomfortable or confused or thoughtful. OH, and inclusive, caring and loving, God sure wouldn't want that.

SIGH, I hope the sarcasm comes through!

- Gay Bishop Not Included so No One Feels Uncomfortable

- God Wouldn't Give Women Spirituality, Now That Would be Just Silly

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

- Personality Type

0I took a VERY abbreviated version of the Meyers-Briggs. Here are my results:

Myers-Briggs Analysis:

Total E: 3
Total I: 4

Total S: 2
Total N: 6

Total T: 3
Total F: 5

Total P: 5
Total J: 2

Your Type is: I N F P.

Introverted Characteristics

  • Think/reflect first, then Act

  • Regularly require an amount of "private time" to recharge batteries

  • Motivated internally, mind is sometimes so active it is "closed" to outside world

  • Prefer one-to-one communication and relationships

Intuitive Characteristics

  • Mentally live in the Future, attending to future possibilities

  • Using imagination and creating/inventing new possibilities is automatic-instinctual

  • Memory recall emphasizes patterns, contexts, and connections

  • Best improvise from theoretical understanding

  • Comfortable with ambiguous, fuzzy data and with guessing its meaning.

Feeling Characteristics

  • Instinctively employ personal feelings and impact on people in decision situations

  • Naturally sensitive to people needs and reactions.

  • Naturally seek consensus and popular opinions.

  • Unsettled by conflict; have almost a toxic reaction to disharmony.

Perceiving Characteristics

  • Comfortable moving into action without a plan; plan on-the-go.

  • Like to multitask, have variety, mix work and play.

  • Naturally tolerant of time pressure; work best close to the deadlines.

  • Instinctively avoid commitments which interfere with flexibility, freedom and variety

Monday, July 7, 2008

- the 4th

We went to the Bay Area this past weekend and spent some wonderful time with the family. Saw some friends, and loved every minute of it.

I have transfered jobs, and have a new learning curve, which has it's positives (I'm not bored) and negatives (I'm not bored).

I haven't had time to knit, but I have had time to read which is wonderful, I love to read.

I saw a movie this weekend, I would suggest, Kung Fu Hustle it's great. My step-son LOVES it and tells everyone he sees "I've got Kung Fu Hustle!"

Well that's a quick update on what I've been up to. Life is busy as usual, and I need to clean my house....sigh....I wish houses were like some oven and you could set it to self clean.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

- Gotta love reading other blogs

When you read other people's blogs, sometimes you get really good ideas. I wanted to share this particular blog entry from Foreigner at Home. She made the coolest spice rack. I love it!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saturday, June 21, 2008

- Wedding Pictures

The wedding party. From left to right; Nicole, Natalie, Denise, Amanda, Erika, ME, MY HUSBAND, James, Johnny, Nigel, Sean. In front Emerahl and Junior.

Emerahl, myself and Junior

Myself and Junior.

Me, grandma and the new hubby.

My Daddy, Mama, and my mother-in-law and father-in-law.

The Hubby's family.

My new beautiful family.

My sisters-in-law and brother-in-law
The rings.

Us being silly.

More to come when I'm not exhausted from a 55 hour work week....and 100+ degree weather

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

- Interesting news articles for the day

I've been gone, busy, tired lately. Trying to get back in the swing of things after the wedding, honeymoon and all that jazz. I'm starting to get back to "normal" and am finally having a little time to knit....not much because I'm also having to work some 12-13 hour days here and there, like tonight and tomorrow night. But I thought I'd post some articles that I found interesting that are in the news today:

Gay men and straight women share brain detail
Astronomers find batch of "super-Earths"
Utah announces 'major dinosaur fossil discovery'
Women Flock To Bird Poop Facials
SOTP? Crew Misspells Marker At Intersection

Friday, June 6, 2008

- Lake Tahoe Pictures

DH and I went to Lake Tahoe for a quick honeymoon. I thought I'd share some pictures. It was absolutely beautiful and worth sharing.

Oh and here are some pictures of the reception hall as we were decorating.