Tuesday, January 1, 2008

- Charity blanket update

I realized I haven't updated anyone on the Charity Oddball blankets lately. There are now 5 of them and 2 lapgahns making their way around the USA!! Here is a link to the main blog, but if you would like to check on the progress of any particular blanket below are the links:

Blanket #1
Blanket #2
Blanket #3 I'm supposed to be the next knitter but the blanket it missing in action. The previous knitter hasn't been heard from in a month. Hope she's ok.
Blanket #4
Blanket #5
Lapghan #1
Lapghan #2

There are now also Oddball Shawls. All of these Charity projects are being made by the wonderful people on Knitting help.com. There is of course the Australian offshoot of the Oddball blankets.

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