Friday, January 11, 2008

- Counterpanes and Cats

Who doesn't love counterpanes? Well maybe the average "Jane Public" or "Joe Public" but knitters we aren't the average now are we? I personally love a good counterpane. They are very versatile, knit a lot and make a blanket, knit a few and make a lapghan, knit one and make a dishcloth.

So I thought why not list a few counterpane sites. If anyone who reads this blog (all 5 of you) has any that you'd like to share, then by all means share away.

Megan's Counterpane/Coverlet Square
Shell Counterpane from 1860
Triangular Leaf Counterpane
Yarn Over list of free counterpanes
Justin's crib sized counterpane
Mountain Laurel Crib Counterpane

If you want to buy a book with wonderful counterpane patterns I would seriously suggest this one. Although on Amazon it's listed at $244.00 (as its out of print) I found it on Amazon about 2 years ago for $30. So look around.

Now to cats. My cat to be specific....well one of my two cats.

My cat doesn't go after plastic or yarn but paper. She chews my books, licks the covers of the paperbacks until they have little tongue groves. I came home one day and she was laying on her side with the Kleenex box cradled lovingly in her two front paws.

I watched her carefully pull one piece of Kleenex out of the box at a time and deposit it in a pyramid shaped pile by her head. She finished with the box, stuck her paw in once to be sure she hadn't missed any, then disdainfully kicked the box away from her with her back paws.

She then stood up, and I swear she stared at the pyramid shaped pile while drooling in anticipation for two full minutes. She then dived head first into the pile like she was Uncle Scrooge diving into a swimming pool full of gold coins. She proceeded to tear each and every piece of Kleenex into little dime sized pieces while rolling around and purring.

I can no longer get the newspaper, because she'll chew it, rip it and drool on it.

It's amazing what we'll put up with from 4 legged furry interlopers isn't it. Not only that but we share with other our obsession and stupidity, and they generally understand, then reciprocate with their own silly stories.


Bells said...

You know, I don't think I have ever even thought about a counterpane in my whole life. Wasn't even sure what one was, but I'm clued in now thanks to those lovely links. Thank you!

gaga said...

My oldest boy (18) is crazy about baby oil. I use it to remove mascara and he sits and waits and as soon as the tissue goes in the trash can he climbs in after it, drags it out, and sits and smells it for 5 or 10 minutes.

Jukauz said...

When I was a little girl, my maternal grandmother always called the bedspread a counterpen. Since I am steeped in a fiber background I always wondered about that word, never found it. I just bet that the original word was counterpane and somewhere along the line of ancestors it morphed into counterpen.