Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Ok, so hats have been my latest obsession, but I think that is soon to change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am now finding myself fantasizing about aran knitting! Making an aran blanket and draping it artfully over the sofa. Then when people come over and say, "Oh, that's beautiful! Where did you get it?" I can say (as though it's no big deal) "Oh, that 'ol thing? Oh, I made that."

The artful drap over the sofa will be so it looks as though it was used to cover someone, keep them nice and toasty....but in reality just having it drapped, and if FH or anyone else goes near it yelling "Get away from that, it's for show! That's not for you!"

Anywoooooo, here are the two patterns I'm drooling over.

Great American Aran Afghan <---- pictures Amazon listing


Burridge Lake Aran Afghan <---This one is free

Now I have an aversion to paying for patterns. Likely because I'm cheap (YUP, I said it I'm CHEAP!!!! And damn proud of it). But the Great American Aran is worth it.....it's just beeeeaaautiful!!!

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