Wednesday, January 9, 2008

- Who's gonna vote?

Who do you think is going to vote in this election? In the past two elections there was a lot of talk about "the young people are coming out"......and didn't really happen.

Personally I think it will in this election. I think that the 18-24 year olds are going to come out of the woodwork and vote, vote, vote!!!

Here is my reasoning, I love to know if people agree or disagree:

1) If they are 18-24 they mainly remember Bush as president. He's been in office for 7 years this age group was between 11-17 when he was elected the first time. They first real recollection of politics would be the whole "hanging chad" debate, and "who really won".

2) They would have been between 12-18 when 9/11 happened. That has GOT to shape your vision of the world at that age.

3) They've grown up with a war. They were between 12-18 when we went into Afghanistan, then we moved into Iraq. This is the fist generation that's grown up with war since Vietnam, before that it was Korea. This too has to shape your perceptions of the world and the country.

4) To many of them civil rights is a thing of their grandparents/parents time....but for many of them the marches, the bus boycott was something that their grandparents lived through. So to this upcoming generation, Obama being black, or half black isn't an issue.

5) They've grown up with Bush bashing, with people being "fed up". Fahrenheit 9/11 isn't just a movie, it's become part of the culture.

These kids (I say kids because I'm older, neener neener) have grown up in a very different world than anyone else who is voting. They not only grew up with a war, but grew up able to talk/see/read about what is going on in real time. They have access to blogs written by people from every country in the world. They chat on myspace with anyone...even kids in Iraq. They have grown up with two elections that raised questions in people's minds about the electoral college, and nepotism, and seen an election where "your vote really counted".

The first election they will be able to vote in is historic. There is a black man, a women, and a mormon running, all of whom are legitimate candidates, and are creating a lot of "buzz". They've grown up in a world with meth not weed, cable t.v. not t.v. test patterns or just an antena, you can pause live t.v. with the right equiptment, the internet not snail mail, phones that snap picture and video not pagers or just home phones, they have text messaging, they have wikipedia and many websites have their own wiki portions, they have ebay not swap meets. These kids don't page their friends with 8008 and giggle 'cause they spelled BOOB or 318008 and have their friend turn the pager over and see that it spells BOOBIE, yup I was in junior high when everyone had pagers....oh, back to the really point....

This is a different generation that even the 18-24 year olds that were voting in the last election, and a WAAYY different generation than the 18-24 year olds that voted in the 2000 election. The generation gap is getting wider faster, and this is a group that has a lot more to worry about than the kids who voted in 2004.

Whats different? Quickly and definitely not all inclusive:

1) Iraq and how it's going.
2) Pakestian (yup can't spell)
3) Iran

I'm not gonna guess whose gonna win, I'm not gonna even try. All I'm saying is don't be surprised if this election is different. If the demographic that votes swings in a way it hasn't in generations and generations.

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Total opinion piece but interesting nonetheless.

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