Thursday, February 14, 2008

- An interesting show

Has anyone watched this show? It’s called “African American Lives” and it’s on PBS (although you could probably figure that out from the title.

I watched it with FH last night and it was fascinating. They talked about family histories (documentation versus family stories), did DNA testing, etc.

I was particularly interested in the discussion about black families having oral traditions regarding Native American heritage....I find that many white families have that as well.

FH found it interesting, because he is from Belize and his grandma was 3/4 Indian.

I just thought the show was fascinating. Especially the woman Bliss Broyard, who looks quite white but did a DNA test and it showed 17% West African heritage.

There are some cool tabs at the top of the show's webpage!

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A.D. Powell said...

Bliss Broyard is a white woman (as opposed to the myth of just looking like one). Her father, Anatole Broyard, was a white man, although "tarbrushed."

Everyone wants to be part Indian precisely because Indians do not try to claim everyone who has "Indian blood." Hypodescent yields contempt. Unfortunately, elite American blacks like Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (the one who first denounced Anatole Broyard as a lighter kind of "black" too inferior for the honor of calling himself white) actively mislead people of good will by promoting and demanding obedience to the lie that whites "tainted" with Negro blood have no right to be "white." If that were true, Hispanics and Arabs would be "black" since nearly all of them have some "black blood."