Wednesday, February 13, 2008

- Wedding plans

So the wedding plans are going, I think I've got a florist!

Here's what I need to do:

1) Get invitations out
2) Book a hall
3) Get bridesmaids dresses
4) Get groom's suit
5) Get grooms men to get their suits
6) Decorations
7) Photographer

I think thats it......I'm sure I'm forgetting or not thinking about a butt load of things. Sigh, so much to plan. I was kinda hoping it'd plan itself. But thats not happening.

I've got my taxes done though! Found out I can get my marriage license anywhere in CA, and as long as it's filed where I got it we're good to go. It's good for 90 days, so I'll get it next month sometime. Also it's $77 here and $87 in Alameda County, so I'm going to get it here! Save that $10 and the day off of work and the gas to go down there.

My care is registered and smoged, which is a load off my mind. I've been able to knit a bit, a row here or there.

I've gotten FH to watch Jericho and he's liking it! Yet another show I've gotten him hooked on. Oh yea! I'm nerding him up....well not really, but it sounds good.

The Australian Rugz 4 Kidz is moving along nicely. It's beautiful in fact.

I've come to the conclusion that my cats are crazy, and there is no helping them, crazy they are going to stay. My kitten (4 years old) thinks that playing with the key rings (that we hang up by the front door) in the middle of the night is the thing to do....and apparently you're not really playing with them unless you can unhook them from the hook, or pull the shelf they are hooked onto off of the wall, and make a cool crashing sound at 3am. Nope, unless you can do one of those two things, you aren't really playin'

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