Tuesday, February 19, 2008

- Wedding plans

So I think all I need to get is a photographer and disposable cameras for the reception.

I've got:

Bridesmaid dresses (pattern and material) - $12.99 per yard (getting their dresses made for the cost of material)
My dress $204.00 <--gotta love ebay
Bridesmaid presents (not gonna say in case they check this site)
Groom's suit, zoot suit (chosen not bought) $125.00
Groom's cufflinks $4.49 <--Gotta love ebay.
Groomsmen suits (chosen not bought) $125.00 each
flowers $507.00
food (family is making it all, mine and his)
invitations @ $65.00
Cake $2.00 per serving
Decorations brides maids are doing
Reception site (either the church or one of two sites, $500.00)
Priest <-- old family friend
And we're done.....I think!

Oh, I need to buy my wedding bra, shoes, nylons and garter....and get the dress altered and that's it.


Jan in CA said...
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Jan in CA said...


We've been trying to contact your through KH, Ravelry and postcard. Please contact Sandy asap. Thank you!