Monday, March 24, 2008

- Elfquest , yarn and a pregnant man

Ok all Elfquest has a Myspace page!!!!

You can buy their stuff at Cafe Press. LOVE Elfquest!!!!!

I came across this yarn it's called Banana Silk I'm interested in it, and posted a question on about it. I'll let you know what I find out.

There are so many new types of yarn out there, knitting is no longer your grandmother's craft! If you have a yarn question I suggest

Corn Yarn
Bamboo Yarn
Sea Silk
Camel Yarn
Soy yarn
Yak yarn
Llama Yarn
Milk Yarn

I know there are many others, but this short list should open your eyes to the wide world of knitting yarn. I love the stuff, and have a stash that goes on forever, much to the chagrin of FH. Who I think is of the belief that someday my yarn will have it's own room. I figure if car's get their own room (ie: garage) why can't my yarn?

Now onto the pregnant man, and a picture of said pregnant man can be seen below.
I love this story. And have to add with all of the short sci-fi stories I've read with the premise of men getting pregnant, I never thought I'd live to see the day!

- Wedding stuff and a little knitting

So I just got my cake toppers in the mail. They are super cute and kinda funny, gotta love the computer age. I actually bought them on ebay, but the link shows a bigger picture. They are mix and match interracial cake toppers. He he, how cool?!?

We've got pretty much everything done, just a few loose ends to tie up, but nothing too bad. With two months left, I've gotta get moving on the loose ends, but they'll get done.

I've not had much time to knit, however, I've been slowly plugging away on a hat. I have about 20 rows left to go. The one I'm knitting is out of 100purewool, the colorway is Mysterious 3ply. The hat pattern is the Lucky 7 Hat. I found the pattern on Ravelry, which I have nicknamed "Knitter's myspace" and is a super cool site. It's an easy pattern, simple and a good pattern for those new to circ's and cables. It's a little small, but with the ribbing I'm sure it'll stretch quite a bit. Once that hat is done, I will be starting a hat for Future MIL (Mother-in-Law) who has requested a hat in dark colors. By the time I get it done, it will be too warm, but she can keep it for next winter. I haven't decided on a pattern, something simple but classy. However, I will be using MMMMMMMalibrigo, since it's soft, warm and pretty!

My mom is cool, and FH is loving his Easter present. Mom got him carpet skates. We got home too late last night to try them out, but I have no doubt tonight he and Little Jr. will be skating around the living room.

I got FH a watch for Easter, he and the family love it. The watch has the Belizean flag on the face, I got it on ebay, (yuppers, I'm a ebay lover)!!!

I just bid on some double pointed bamboo needles on ebay. The brand is U-nitt. They are sizes 1-15 (US sizing) with 5 needles each size. Right now the bid is at 10.00 with 6.50 for shipping. If I win, I will have a full set of DPN's for 16.50, CHEAP!!!!!!! I love ebay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

- Earth History

I saw this article on a dinosaur mummy and found it pretty cool. They are carefully unearthing this natural mummy that has it's skin intact. What an amazing find, could do a lot to teach us about how dinosaurs actually looked.

I love history, and historical "riddles" or things that blast our "knowledge" of what came before. I mean we all "know" that there wasn't contact between China and Europe until fairly recently....right?!?

The Taklamakan Mummies are natural mummies, made by burying these people in a very dry desert climate in China. They appear to be between 3,500 and 2,000 years old. Nova and here is another article about the mummies.

Gotta love Otzi the Iceman, he keeps yielding new and interesting tidbits.

Friday, March 14, 2008

- facinating article

Saw this in the science section of yahoo news and found myself intrigued here is the link.

Also I wanted to update on the Charity Blanket #1 here is a link to the Knitting help forum that talks about it. Our little blanket has grown. A few people have mentioned that they will be going to their LYS (Local Yarn Shop) and mentioning the blanket and encouraging the owner to start a blanket of their own. I think that is a great idea, and something that everyone should do.

Here is a link to the blanket finder blog. It explains what the oddball blankets are, and you can connect to all of the blogs for all of the different blankets!

Charity knitting is where it's at people!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

- Felting a learning process

Well, it's been a while since I posted, life has been hectic, however, I think I might just now have time to blog more often! Woo hoo! I've missed it.

I just recently found a little story I wrote about my first attempt at felting. I am going to include it here for your reading pleasure. Don't feel bad if you laugh at me! Seriously, everyone did.

I knitted this this you probably all know. I felted it tonight, and so it's sitting on my cookie rack stuffed full of plastic bags and cardboard drying out. Hopefully to hold it's shape when I take out all of the bags.

I really like it, and I learned a valuable lesson. When felting (you use hot water), do not just stick your hand in the water willy nilly.

I found out the hard way......

NEVER, EVER!!!!! (I can't stress this enough)

NEVER just stick your hand in the hot water of the washing machine to pull out your felted item. Use a dish washing glove!!!!

I felted my first purse about ohhhhhh 4 hours ago, and my hand is still all red. Now it's....shall we say....kinda my fault, since I stuck my hand in the water to mid forearm without checking the water temperature first. The water was slightly cooler than boiling, not not much. I screeched rather loudly and yanked my arm from the not so tepid water, and danced around blowing on my hand, cause ya know uhhhh that'll help.(gaining a few strange looks from my neighbors, as I was in the community laundry).

Ok, but THEN, to show the world how smart I was, I STUCK MY HAND IN AGAIN!!!! oh, and again, and yet one more time. The whole time repeating to myself, and apparently everyone else in the laundry room, "ouww, oowww, oohhhh, hot, hot....."

A few people came over to see what I was doing, I explained, they wandered away in disinterest, muttering something about the weird girl who knitted something or other.

And finally, I got smart left the washer open, ran to my apartment and got the big yellow dish washing glove.

All I can say in my own defense (other than I will be buying a helmet and a ticket for the short bus tomorrow), is I was excited since this was my first attempt at felting, and I didn't want to wait to see what my purse would look like.

Needless to say my hand is red, my pride is singed around the edges, but my purse looks good, and that's all that really matters right?!?