Wednesday, March 12, 2008

- Felting a learning process

Well, it's been a while since I posted, life has been hectic, however, I think I might just now have time to blog more often! Woo hoo! I've missed it.

I just recently found a little story I wrote about my first attempt at felting. I am going to include it here for your reading pleasure. Don't feel bad if you laugh at me! Seriously, everyone did.

I knitted this this you probably all know. I felted it tonight, and so it's sitting on my cookie rack stuffed full of plastic bags and cardboard drying out. Hopefully to hold it's shape when I take out all of the bags.

I really like it, and I learned a valuable lesson. When felting (you use hot water), do not just stick your hand in the water willy nilly.

I found out the hard way......

NEVER, EVER!!!!! (I can't stress this enough)

NEVER just stick your hand in the hot water of the washing machine to pull out your felted item. Use a dish washing glove!!!!

I felted my first purse about ohhhhhh 4 hours ago, and my hand is still all red. Now it's....shall we say....kinda my fault, since I stuck my hand in the water to mid forearm without checking the water temperature first. The water was slightly cooler than boiling, not not much. I screeched rather loudly and yanked my arm from the not so tepid water, and danced around blowing on my hand, cause ya know uhhhh that'll help.(gaining a few strange looks from my neighbors, as I was in the community laundry).

Ok, but THEN, to show the world how smart I was, I STUCK MY HAND IN AGAIN!!!! oh, and again, and yet one more time. The whole time repeating to myself, and apparently everyone else in the laundry room, "ouww, oowww, oohhhh, hot, hot....."

A few people came over to see what I was doing, I explained, they wandered away in disinterest, muttering something about the weird girl who knitted something or other.

And finally, I got smart left the washer open, ran to my apartment and got the big yellow dish washing glove.

All I can say in my own defense (other than I will be buying a helmet and a ticket for the short bus tomorrow), is I was excited since this was my first attempt at felting, and I didn't want to wait to see what my purse would look like.

Needless to say my hand is red, my pride is singed around the edges, but my purse looks good, and that's all that really matters right?!?

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