Monday, March 24, 2008

- Wedding stuff and a little knitting

So I just got my cake toppers in the mail. They are super cute and kinda funny, gotta love the computer age. I actually bought them on ebay, but the link shows a bigger picture. They are mix and match interracial cake toppers. He he, how cool?!?

We've got pretty much everything done, just a few loose ends to tie up, but nothing too bad. With two months left, I've gotta get moving on the loose ends, but they'll get done.

I've not had much time to knit, however, I've been slowly plugging away on a hat. I have about 20 rows left to go. The one I'm knitting is out of 100purewool, the colorway is Mysterious 3ply. The hat pattern is the Lucky 7 Hat. I found the pattern on Ravelry, which I have nicknamed "Knitter's myspace" and is a super cool site. It's an easy pattern, simple and a good pattern for those new to circ's and cables. It's a little small, but with the ribbing I'm sure it'll stretch quite a bit. Once that hat is done, I will be starting a hat for Future MIL (Mother-in-Law) who has requested a hat in dark colors. By the time I get it done, it will be too warm, but she can keep it for next winter. I haven't decided on a pattern, something simple but classy. However, I will be using MMMMMMMalibrigo, since it's soft, warm and pretty!

My mom is cool, and FH is loving his Easter present. Mom got him carpet skates. We got home too late last night to try them out, but I have no doubt tonight he and Little Jr. will be skating around the living room.

I got FH a watch for Easter, he and the family love it. The watch has the Belizean flag on the face, I got it on ebay, (yuppers, I'm a ebay lover)!!!

I just bid on some double pointed bamboo needles on ebay. The brand is U-nitt. They are sizes 1-15 (US sizing) with 5 needles each size. Right now the bid is at 10.00 with 6.50 for shipping. If I win, I will have a full set of DPN's for 16.50, CHEAP!!!!!!! I love ebay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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