Friday, April 11, 2008

- I'm excited, I talked to a designer

So I've written about my adventures with the Claudia hat and my apparent inability to follow a pattern. So the designer e-mailed me on Ravelry and ask what my problems were, could she help, and encouraged me to e-mail her with any questions. HOW FREAKIN' COOL is that! I thought that was so nice!

In addition, I found a typo in the pattern. YUP me, I did it. You don't know how cool that was. I have a learning disability, it involves spacial skills, and a few other visual issues. The fact that I was able to look at the pattern (the part I was doing correctly) then look at the knitting and envision what she was saying, then realize it was a typo, and figure out what she meant, to me that was like finding the Holy Grail. Knitting has really upped my abilities when it comes to spacial things, and I felt like a normal person.

I've read so many stories about people who knit figuring this out, or that out. I really have to just get a pattern and follow it. I don't make stuff up, because I can't picture thing in my head. I know the stitches, I can follow a pattern, but as for seeing what it'll look like, I don't make anything that I can't see a picture of first. Because I have no idea what it'll look like if there isn't that picture. I was so excited, and so proud of myself.

That and FH is super amazing at visual measuring and picturing. He can look at something and tell exactly (maybe within a 1/4 of an inch) the dimensions, he can see something and figure out how things fit together. He comes up with good ideas for his boss, and then implements them.....and they think he's a genius. Me, you give me 15 things to pack in a trunk, I'll get two of them in (kinda) and you still wont be able to close the trunk. ARRRGGGHHH. But finding a typo and knowing what was meant, to me, that was one of the coolest moments. I think my brain is re-knitting. HA, I made a pun! HE HE, I'm freakin' hilarious!

Oh yeah, what am I doing while I take a break from the hat? I'm attempting Silver's sock tutorial which I am doing, and doing well. It is amazing. Every knitter should try it, and bow down to her teaching prowess. I will post pictures soon. I love Silver.

P.S. The designer said the updated version should be out next week, but for anyone who wants it, here is the mistake/typo:

Row 5 of the trellis pattern reads: p1, repeat [c2B, p2], until 3 stitches remain, c2b, p1, slm. It SHOULD read p1, repeat [c2B, p2], until 3 stitches remain, c2B, p1, slm OMG, I published errata WOW, I'm a real knitter.

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