Friday, April 18, 2008

- My first sock! A new book, and a bridal shower.

Hey all, I finished my very first sock!!! Here is a picture of it. I made it using Silver's Sock Tutorial which is SOOOOO good. If you're trying your first sock, I highly recommend it. OMG, I actually did it....however, now I'm dealing with the dreaded second sock syndrome. Especially since I'm attempting to make my own garter for the wedding (which is coming up May 31, 2008). Anyway here are some pics.

Yes, I put the sock on my cat's head...Why?!? you ask. Because I can.

Yup, that is how my cat sleeps. No I didn't go cat tipping. He just likes to sleep like that.

This is the park that is about 5 miles from my house. We went hiking, I took pictures (about a million), this is all I had time to post.

So my wonderful Mom got me a new book...well she got me a few new book, but this one particular one I want to mention. It is called House of Mourning: A biocultural History of the Mountain Meadows Massacre. It is written by Shannon A. Novak, she is the anthropologist who studied the bones dug up in 1999 at the site. I haven't had time to read it, but I've skimmed and it looks amazing. I can't wait.

I also got an e-mail from a cousin on the Miller side of the family who said the mormon church has agreed to pursue Historical Landmark status for the Massacre site. She also stated they church bough 600 acres around the site, to preserve it from development. I hope they actually do it, and aren't' just saying they'll try. I'll believe it when I see it, but if they do, I'll be very glad.

On a brighter note, we had the bridal shower this weekend (yesterday in fact, April 20, 2008). It was so fun! My mom and FH's mom had gotten together and the made little bottles of Martinelli's Apple Cider with our picture and a "Save the Date" note on it. OMG, they were so cool. They also made little covers for lifesavers, with a "Save the Date" and our pictures. It was wonderful. We had good food, good conversation, FH even showed and it was so fun! Wow, the wedding is coming up soon! I can't believe it's in less than 6 weeks. Amazing.

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Anonymous said...

1st how was your shower? Hope it was great!
2nd I read Novak's book and had issues with it, but maybe because I am an anthropoligist and she said she wouldn't let the Mormon Church infulance her finds and what she would publish. She was wrong.
3rd I hear the same thing about the meadow and the Mormon Church yet they pushed the pipeline through the meadow on the other side of the highway but would not permit them to do an anthropological survey.
Tried to sign Mary Tackitt