Wednesday, April 2, 2008

- REALLY?!? It's a recession?

I was just pursuing the news and saw an article on the highest paid small screen (T.V.) actor. He's making $600,000 per episode, let me repeat that PER EPISODE!!!!! Ok, so he's not going to do a full season, which is generally let's say 20 episodes. Even if he does half, 10 episodes, that is $6,000,000. REALLY?!? 6 Million dollars?!? HUNH! I bet he can afford gas, and groceries. He gets $600,000 per episode....but we're in a recession, or heading towards one. STUPID!

How utterly stupid! Ok, I watch the show, I like CSI, I even ignore how cheesy and silly the writing is. But I'm kind of.....nope....I'm really seriously disgusted! $600,000 per episode. YOU'RE AN ACTOR, you DON'T really catch bad guys, you catch "as seen on t.v." bad guys. This is wrong and ridiculous!

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