Tuesday, April 15, 2008

- Some people shouldn't breed

I heard about this story on the news today. Two teenage parents were fighting over which gang their 4 year old son would belong to...the father was arrested. Here is a link to the story. How crazy?!? These kids shouldn't breed. Get it together. I'm sick and tired of seeing people dress their kids down, and raise their kids in this type of lifestyle.


gaga said...

I know this makes me sound really old but WTF are 19 year old doing having babies? Disturbing on so many levels. Don't even get me started.

Have I missed it? When is the wedding?

debbie o'brien, teeny tiny card company said...

Not only are they 19 now, the kid is 4 years old. I'm so embarrassed to say I live in Colorado. (But nowhere near the gang related activity mentioned in the article)