Thursday, April 10, 2008

- Yeah, yeah, "Trust the pattern"

So I know one of the knitter's most important mantras is "Trust the pattern". I do, and I always have.....however, perhaps before a knitter learns that little gem of wisdom a knitter should learn "Read the pattern". As I said in my last post I was...note I said WAS knitting the Claudia Hat for my FMIL. I had to tink out two whole rounds (yes the cable rounds) because I wasn't paying attention to the pattern. I trusted the pattern, however, I apparently can't trust my eyes.

Then, I messed up AGAIN. I got so frustrated, I ripped the damn thing off of my needles, and threw it away. I am going to start it up again, but I'm going to give myself a few days so that I can calm down. Right now, due to no fault of it's own, the pattern is dead to me. I do believe, my heart will soften towards the pattern again by this weekend, and I will again attempt the pattern, and I will be reading and paying very close attention.

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