Saturday, May 17, 2008

- Not gonna knit a garter.

I've given up on the idea of knitting myself a garter. I love the pattern, its beautiful and not at all hard to knit....but frankly, I have no finishing power. I'm a WIP (work in progress) not and FO (finished object) kinda gal!! Well, that and the time thing, I'm exactly two weeks from the big day, and I will soon be a different person....well I'll have a different name at least. :-)

I'll admit it, I bought a garter. It's cute, has blue, and the ribbon says "I do". He he, it's cute.

Well since I don't have staying power when it comes to my knitting, I decided to down my sorrows in a new project. I've begun to knit the Pinwheel Baby Blanket. It's an easy pattern, you can put it down and pick it up again with no problems. It's a good one to knit on while watching t.v. And I can do whatever I want to with it. Yeah, we'll see if it ever gets finished.

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