Monday, May 5, 2008

- Wedding coming up

Ok, the countdown is on. Today is May 5th (or Cinco de Mayo) and I am getting married in 26 days. WOW!!!! 26 days!!!!

I have to get my shoes and my dress altered.....yeah, last minute nellie that's me. But uh....other than that....OH, I have to try to finish my garter....I have a feeling I'm gonna be buying one. Sigh, good intentions and all.

Well that's why I haven't been blogging lately. BUSY BUSY BEE, BE ME.


jeanius said...

yay! almost there! best advice i ever got was that it's just one day, so don't stress too much ;)

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for guys, I wish you the best!!!!!!!!! Better send a photo.
Still can't get the system it let me use "OpenID" so, Mary