Sunday, July 13, 2008

- Difference between the teachings of Jesus and the teachings of the church

I don't think I have to explain, but I will. I think it's very simple really, and I don't/can't understand why everyone can't get it.

Jesus said love all, care for all, include all. Everyone and everything is God's creation and God's creations should be loved and cared for.

The church (and IMHO the Episcopal Church does a little better than most) says, love those that don't make you uncomfortable, care for the people who are like you, and include ones who you understand. Those who make you uncomfortable, aren't like you and you don't understand must not be God's creation, because God wouldn't create different.....right?!? I mean really, God doesn't want us to grow and change, God doesn't want us to evolve and think, God doesn't want us to be inclusive and God sure as shit doesn't want us to EVER be uncomfortable or confused or thoughtful. OH, and inclusive, caring and loving, God sure wouldn't want that.

SIGH, I hope the sarcasm comes through!

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