Thursday, July 31, 2008

So my husband worked out of town yesterday. He left yesterday morning at 5am, and got home at 11pm last night. We ate a quick bite, and went straight to bed.

So Hubby woke up at 4am I'm guessing for a quick trip to the bathroom. He shakes me awake and say "Hey, it's raining" Now it's been a pretty mild summer, mid 90's few 100's this year, but raining?!? NO WAY. So I say "Hunh? Inside?" <---- Yeah, I'm a genius when I wake up, right?

Hubby says "Yup, it's raining in the bathroom....don't try to make sense of it, just come here"....Sure as #### it's "raining" in the bathroom. The upstairs apartment is leaking into our bathroom. GREAT!!!!

Our "manager" is supposed to be here with someone to fix stuff at 10am. Meanwhile, the celling is bulging, and water is dripping. I saw the upstairs neighbor and told them there was water leaking from their bathroom into ours. I asked them to talk to the manager, not run their water and check to see if there is water coming from anywhere.....what did she do? She left.

Up date, there is now a huge hole in our ceiling. They almost had to break into the neighbor's apartment because they have changed the deadbolt, and their toilet tank has been leaking for God knows how long, and they "never noticed". GRRRRR. We have to wait for the ceiling to dry out before it gets fixed.


gaga said...

Letah - honestly I don't care if anyone ever reads my posts but you seem to be a kindred spirit on the religion subject and I have just posted a whopper (I think) and I would appreciate your feedback. It was from my heart but I am concerned I was too harsh.

Also it seems you have some water damage problems and I promise to give my feedback. I think you need a good ncontractor from Angie's list but this is knee-jerk reaction.

Hee hee.



--elf-- said...

I had the exact same thing happen to me in my SF apartment years ago. Well, not the husband and middle of the night part! For some reason (either my laziness in reporting it or my landlords in dealing with it) the bulge remained for several days, then started leaking brown water (eww!) into the shower, and then the entire ceiling collapsed into our shower. So gross!