Saturday, August 30, 2008

- Can't wait...and what I miss

I can't wait until Tuesday, we will find out if we're having a boy or girl or if it is going to be as stubborn as myself and DH and not share its gender. How exciting, right now there is so much anticipation as to the gender I haven't even wonder what the personality will be like let alone what it will look like....although soon I will have to stop calling it "IT" and call it he or she. :-)

What I miss:

dirty martinis
SUSHI; oyster shots, hamachi sunrise, raw fish sushi.....oh how I miss you sushi.

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Sarah said...

I'm missing sushi and oysters too! OK, so I snuck some sushi one day early in my 1st trimester, But I ended up having a meat texture issue that day so I didn't enjoy it. The sacrifices of motherhood!