Thursday, October 23, 2008

- I got another one. Count is 4.

Ok, so my office's secret stork left me another present. This time it wasn't on my chair but it was found in the employee break room with a note saying "WHOEVER FINDS THIS PLEASE DELIVER TO ELISA. THANKS"

It's all wrapped up pretty in pink with pink ribbons. There is another poem.

Daddy's Lullaby
Close your eyes my pet, I will sing for you,
it's a lullaby I never knew,
in this world you know, some things must come and go,
but my world is all in loving you,
It's a simple song, and it's words are true,
and I'll do the best that I can do,
as I write this song, how can the words be wrong,
when they're all about my loving you,
you've got Daddy's nose, a joke I suppose,
but it's still, what makes up you.
As you close your eyes, here's a prayer or two,
While you sleep I will be here for you.
Things might come and go, but this you'll always know,
Daddy's lullaby is just for you.

I haven't opened it yet. The last present was two receiving blankets.

So far this is the 4th present.

1) three baby hats
2) Gloves with a bear that squeaks when you squeeze them.
3) two receiving blankets,
4) ______________? I won't open it til I'm home with Daddy.

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