Friday, November 21, 2008

- Secret Stork flys again

Got another one.

Star is our
beautiful baby girl
with a tiny soul
sweet and new,
That your Daddy and I
that the world
was waiting for
adorable little girl
just like you...

I still don't know who it is, but I have a guess! :-)

This time it's two more receiving blankets which you can NEVER have too much of! :-) I'm 31 weeks 3 days today....that means on Tuesday, Nov. 25th, I'll be 7 1/2 months. WOW, time is flying for sure!!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

- Secret Stork strikes again!!!!

The newest poem;

My Baby

dear little baby
little child so small
I have yet to hold you
to look upon your face
for nine months long
I will shelter you
tucked within my womb
only God will see your face
so safe and secure
quietly sleeping, playing
only water where you
rest your tiny head
until nature begins
it's creaking and churning
slowly out you will come
from your watery nest
then you will be
a part of this world
knowing only your needs
oblivious to the rest
this world may sting
it may toss you bad turns
on it's turbulent waters
so different from the
peaceful waters of the
womb you once
nested in
when your first days began
don't ever give up
for your Heavenly Father
will always reach His hand
out to you
if you reach out for His
He will pull you to safe
and calm seas once again
and wrap you in His arms
of love
and He will show you the way

We haven't opened it yet. But the presents from the secret co-worker stork are;

1) Baby hats
2) Baby gloves that squeek when you squeeze them
3) Two little burping blankets.
4) A Winnie the Pooh brag book (little photo album)
5) A CD of baby Lullibys
6) _____________ <---- have yet to open.

- Gotta love what kids say.

So all week my son has been with us. One rule we have is "try three times, if you can't do it yourself, THEN ask for help."

So all week, he's been trying to open water bottle, etc, and if he can't do it after three attempts, then "Um, can you open/do/help....." All week with the water bottle it's been while I'm driving, so I tell him "hold the bottom tight then I reach over with one hand and WaaLa it's open.

This morning he got out of the shower, he was all try and had just put on lotion, I told him to grease his hair. I hear him making grunting/trying to open something sounds. Then I hear "Can you help me?!?" I go over to the bathroom, open the door and he is hold the jar of grease. He says "I can't open this." I tell him, hold the bottom. Then with two finger I barely twist and WAALA it's open. Super easy, super quick.

The look on his face was hysterical. Amazed/shocked/confused/a little scared/and just over all wide eyed, and he says "Uh, are you a wizard?!?" As he backs up a step.

OMG, I almost died laughing. Poor little guy. I had to explain that I was not in fact a wizard, but that my hands had no lotion so I could open the jar without my fingers slipping.


Yesterday when I picked him up from the babysitter, I walked in and he was already ready to go. He lifts his hat to me and says "Salutations mom." And did a little bow. How cute! I love my little guy.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

- Obama

I am without words.  I worked the election yesterday, and when I got home I found out that Obama won.  I cried!!!

He is a bi-racial man, a first generation American (on one side), he has achieved the highest office this country has, and he will become president in 2009...the 200th anniversary of Lincoln's birthday.

My daughter will be a bi-racial woman.  She will be a first generation American (on one side), she can achieve her hearts desire, and I can tell her that with no shadow on my heart, with no hopefulness in my voice, I can tell her that knowing it is true, know it can/has been done.  I can point to Obama and tell her, tell my step-son tell my future children, they are equal in the eyes of the majority. 

Yesterday we as a country achieved something that I was taught would never happen in my life.  I was taught this by my very liberal Bay Area elementary school teachers.  The taught it with regret, with sadness and with frustration, but they taught it nonetheless.  I now know what my parents taught me is true.  No matter what, things can/will change.  If someone tells you it cant be done, they're wrong, they just cant see beyond their own experiences.  Learn to look and see the possibilities and anything can happen.

A man was elected not due to the color of his skin, but the beliefs that he held, and he was elected 'despite' (for lack of a better word) the color of his skin.  The issue wasn't his ethnicity or the birth country of his parents, but did we as a people belive he was the best man for the job.  The answer was YES, and that is wonderful to me.
Ok, I'm not without words.....