Monday, December 29, 2008

- So it's been about a month....

Damned if time doesn't fly! It's apparently been about a month since I posted but, I know, surprisingly I've been busy. :-)

I've got 3 weeks left until bebe is supposed to make her wold debut. I'm going to go out on a limb and say she'll be late though. I'm fine with that, I'm feeling great! No problems, no issues, the worst is when she sticks her butt in my ribs and arches wanting rubs. Sigh. I think my kid is going to have a large behind, no scratch that, I think she already does. And I think she knows I'm typing about her, 'cause she's squirming all over.

I'm anxiously awaiting Jan. 20th, not only for the due date, but for the inauguration of the century! One of my co-workers is going with her daughter, that's lucky lady! But hey, I live in the 20th century, we can tape it. <--- Oh my husband has recently pointed out to me that saying I am "taping" something shows my age, as we no longer "tape" but "record" things on the DV-R. WHATEVER!

So what's been on my mind? You know it has to be something. Ok, here goes. (let's see can I offend someone today?) Jehovah's Witnesses. I don't get them. I don't get the 'you can't celebrate holidays', but then lets have a 'family get together'. Or their 'you can't celebrate holidays' and if the rest of your family gets together because they aren't Jehovah you can't go. So effectively they are separating families, causing strife, frustration and doing to complete opposite of what I understand Jesus taught. Fine, don't bring presents, don't accept presents, but don't stay separate from your family. Especially if your family is a religious and spiritual one in the first place. It's not like it's all about the presents.

I've seen in a couple of places, and talked to a couple of friends who have had this situation come up recently. That and the "I'll pick and choose what I'll celebrate." or "I'll take your presents, but don't expect one as I don't celebrate". Come on, at least be consistent. PLEASE. If you have a belief stick to it, not just when it's easy for you, but always. To me it is worse when you only follow your "beliefs" some of the time than believe in something I can't wrap my pretty little head around but you follow it faithfully.

Now, about Condi Rice and her "People will thank Bush later on....." Really?!? What people will those be? Seriously, do you believe that, because if you do, than DAMN, you aren't as smart as people give you credit for. And Laura Bush. I know he's your husband, I know you want to back him and support him, but even you can see he's an idjit! I'll give it to you that you don't want to say it in public. Maybe to a girlfriend or two, quietly, in private. I'm ok with that, but don't come out in public and praise him. Sit back with that Mona Lisa smile and look out at the American public and share with us the secret that we all know (worldwide) to be true, you married a man who is just out of freakin' touch, and thinks he's not. He's that dad who thinks saying things like "dis" and "kicks" and "dude" is ok 'cause "all the kids say it". NO, its not ok. Keep your slang, use it and be proud of it. Stay out of touch and own it, be ok with it, but don't try to pretend you know what's "hip" or "cool" or even "current events" 'cause damn it Bush, you don't.

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gaga said...

21 days. Twenty-one days. exactly 3 weeks. And bless your heart I am excited about the baby but I think even more excited to see W get on that chopper and vacate the premises.

And is Barack hot or what? I want that Hawaii photo blown up and pasted on the wall in my living room! I love it that everyone seems to have decided that he is "Barack" and not "Mr. Obama."