Thursday, January 15, 2009

- My beautiful baby

I HAVE MY BABY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was born 1/3/09 at 8:12pm. She was 21 inches long and 6lb 13oz.

My water broke (gushed) at work on Friday, 1/2/09 at 3pm (18 days early, I was due 1/20/09). I went home and Darwin took me to the hospital. After 29 hours of labor (contractions 1 minute apart, VERY strong) and trying everything. I dilated only to a 2. Dr. and Nurses were confused, and told me I was a medical oddity. :-)

I ended up having to have a c-section. I had to have two spinal blocks the first one didn't take, so they had to do a second. That one took a long time and they almost didn't want to let Darwin in because they almost had to put me out completely. When they told DH that he started praying, and before he could "amen" they realized the second spinal and the, "massive amounts of Lidocane, enough to kill a normal person" according to the Dr., finally took and they let him in.

Rosa Leigh Eloah K.... is beautiful. I cant stop staring!!!! I'll post pics and more later. I got home yesterday around 2pm. So I was in the hospital from Friday at 4pm until Tuesday at 2pm. I was so ready for home. I am EXHAUSTED, and my mom, DH's mom, my SIL and DH's aunt have been lifesavers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and she was born on one of her Auntie's birthdays. How cool.

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