Tuesday, February 24, 2009

- Answering a comment

Someone left a comment on this post. They wanted a pattern, and apparently the link didn't work. Alas, links die. But lucky for us there is the Internet Archives!!!!

Basically if you have a dead link you copy it into the archives and about 90% of the time it'll pull it up for you. Nothing ever really dies on the internet. But in the interest of ease I've copied the pattern below.

Here you go, and hope it helps.

Doily Style Dishcloth
Deisgner: Unknown
Rating: Medium

Materials: 1 ball 50 gr. Bernat Cotton Yarn. Set of 4, #7 US or 4.5mm needles
Cast on 8 stitches
Divide stitches onto 3 needles. Place marker at first stitch.
Round 1: Knit through back of loop of each stitch to end of round
Round 2: (yarn forward and knit 1) 8 times (16 stitches)
Round 3: and all odd rounds, Knit
Round 4: (yarn forward knit 2) 8 times
Round 6: (yarn forward knit 3) 8 times (32 sts)
Round 8: (yarn forward knit 4) 8 times (40 sts)
Round 10: (yarn forward knit 5) 8 times (48 sts)
Round 12: (yarn forward knit 6) 8 times (56 sts)
Round 14: (yarn forward knit 7) 8 times (64 sts)
Round 16: (yarn forward knit 8) 8 times (72 sts)
Round 18: (yarn forward knit 1, yarn forward knit 2 tog. Knit 6) 8 times (80 sts)
Round 20: *yarn forward knit 1 (yarn forward knit 2 tog) twice knit 5. Repeat from * to end of round. (88 sts)
Round 22: * yarn forward knit 1, (yarn forward knit 2 tog.) 3 times. Knit 4. Repeat from * to end of round. (96 sts)
Round 24: * yarn forward knit 1, (yarn forward knit 2 tog.) 4 times. Knit 3. Repeat from * to end of round (104 sts)
Round 26: * yarn forward knit 1, (yarn forward knit 2 tog.) 5 times. Knit 2. Repeat from * to end of round (112sts)
Round 28: * yarn forward knit 1, (yarn forward knit 2 tog.) 6 times knit 1. Repeat from * to end of round. (120 sts)
Round 30: * yarn forward knit 1 (yarn forward knit 2 tog.) 7 times. Repeat from * to end of round. (128 sts)
Round 31: Purl.
Round 32: (inc. 1 st in the next st knitway, knit 15) 8 times (136 sts)
Cast off purlways.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

- Can someone explain this to me?

I can't figure this out. Ok, I can, but growing up in a time of (GASP) Metal monkey bars and slides with with cement or wood chip underneath, I don't understand what kind of parents would buy Baby's first headgear.

No I do know what kind of parents would buy this. The kind who get their kids out of any jam, jump up and gasp at the slightest bump. The kind who can't take a joke, are politically correct all the time. The kind whose kids will not be able to fend for themselves when they grow up. The kind whose kids will be living with them for the REST of their lives....not because of the economy, but because their parents have so severely damaged them they aren't able to have normal relationships with their peers. JEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

- So excited

It's amazing what you get excited about when you become a mom. I got excited about her 3 lb weight gain. About her first smile, thought it was hysterical the first time she peed on me, etc. Today I'm excited about:

the 176 pairs of Nature Babycare (the USA site is here)diapers and the 750 wipes I ordered from Target.com

Now tomorrow I'll be excited about the Rum Cordials and the Amaretto Cordials I ordered. And who knew but they're Kosher.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

- To Breastfeed in Public or Not to...

I grew up seeing women breastfeed in public when traveling in Mexico and Central America, it was quite normal.  Personally, I could care less.  I've had big breasts since they popped out one day and said "Hi" to the world.  So frankly I'm used to people starting, whether I wear a sweatshirt or a tanktop.  :-)

Now, I've never been one to show them off, I'm a little shy for that, but I'll tell you what in the last 5 weeks, my attitude has changed significantly.

1) I'm going to feed my baby when she's hungry.  I figure, adults and children eat anywhere and everywhere, so can my daughter.  Adults and children are better at dealing with hunger than my 5 week old infant, so bully to you!

2) I'm not going to flaunt it, but if you stare, then you see what you get.

3) Trying to cover these ginormous bazoooms is difficult, I'll do my best, but frankly, I'm no magician.  :-)

4) I will NOT feed her in a bathroom.  I don't eat in my own bathroom, I'm sure as hell not going to feed my baby in a public bathroom. 

5) If it's not to hot/cold I don't mind feeding her in my car, but I'm not going to sit in my car in 20 degree or 115 degree weather.  Both of which we have here.

6) If I'm at a Mommy's group, (especially La Leche group) I'm not going to go out of my way to hide them, especially as all of the other Mommies are feeding their babies too.

I don't think I'm exceptionally gungho, but frankly, they're boobs.  According to my son, "You've got utters?!?  That's cool."  They're for feeding.  I'm not going to make a spectacle of myself but if you look you might see something, if you stare you definitely will, and well.....I don't care.

- I've never liked/respected a celebrity so much.

Here is the link to the story. But the basic premise is Salma Hayek who is a breastfeeding mom. She went to Africa, saw a baby who was starving and feed him. Yup that's right she breastfed someone else's baby. A stranger's baby. I have to give her much respect. That is amazing. You don't expect selfless and humane acts from celebrities these days. In the era of spoiled rich bitches like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, etc. It's nice to hear of someone who does for others is such a very human and personal way.

Just for fun Here is a story about a Chinese police women who breastfed a baby after their last large earthquake.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

- Holy weigh gain Batman

Ok, so I weighed my baby today, and here is her weight gain:

Jan. 3rd - born 6 lb 13oz
Jan. 6th - Still in hospital 6 lb 6 oz
Jan. 9th - Dr. apt. 6 lb 14oz
Feb. 6th - Weighed prior to eating 9 lb 6oz <-- 3lb weigh gain in 5 weeks.
Feb 6th - Weighed after eating <--9 lb 11.5oz <-- so she ate 5.5 oz in 12 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

- Hysterical products

Ok, I've only got two, but here they are:

Subtle Butt you have to watch the video, it's hysterical.

Milkscreen a simple two minute test that tells you if you have to much alcohol in your system to breastfeed.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

- Diaper

So I thought it would be good to post my diaper suggestions. I have found the best diapers for my daughter are:

Nature Babycare

I was planning on cloth, but she came early and I hadn't contacted the local diaper service. My cousin made a diaper cake for the baby shower, and used biodegradable diapers. I have found them to be WONDERFUL! They don't blow out (and damn if my lovely daughter can't shoot some poo, how she is so little and holds so much I'll never figure out). Anywhoo, they are compostable, and she doesn't get a rash when she uses these. You can find them at Babys R Us, some Toys R Us, Amazon...I ordered mine at Target.com using a $5 off coupon I found online (but should have used my AAA discount). Oh well. I'd love to hear other diaper recommendations, be they disposable or cloth.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

- Loving my daughter

I love this kid. She's a constant joy. I can't stop looking at her, staring really. I'm sure she's wondering why and who this strange woman is who is constantly in her face. :-)

I took her to work today, and while I know people always say "Oh your daughter is beautiful." I never get tired of hearing it. I love showing her off, and hearing people say how pretty she is. :-) I know they are telling the truth which makes it so much better (he, he).

She's gaining weight well, and growing inches in days (or so it seems). She changes so fast it's hard to keep up. Her hair is growing like a weed, and she's so much more curious and aware every day.

It's so fun to see the changes. One day I'll be able to knit again, but right now, I don't miss it so much, because I've got something to keep my interest. :-)

Oh, and I've joined facebook, it's pretty cool.