Tuesday, February 17, 2009

- Can someone explain this to me?

I can't figure this out. Ok, I can, but growing up in a time of (GASP) Metal monkey bars and slides with with cement or wood chip underneath, I don't understand what kind of parents would buy Baby's first headgear.

No I do know what kind of parents would buy this. The kind who get their kids out of any jam, jump up and gasp at the slightest bump. The kind who can't take a joke, are politically correct all the time. The kind whose kids will not be able to fend for themselves when they grow up. The kind whose kids will be living with them for the REST of their lives....not because of the economy, but because their parents have so severely damaged them they aren't able to have normal relationships with their peers. JEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


gaga said...

You are so right - this is insanity. I grew up without safety gear and I knocked my head and bashed my knees and several times had to have stitches. I rode a bicycle every day with no helmet and I fell off now and then. And guess what? I am a healthy, very much alive almost 47 year old woman. I also love trying new things and taking life risks because my parents didn't pad me and helmet me and teach me to fear everything.

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