Wednesday, March 11, 2009

- Drama Queen baby

My 9 week old daughter is starting to get a sense of humor. Yesterday, she was fussing around wanting to eat. I got her all ready, pulled out the utter and she QUICKLY shoved her hand in her mouth. I looked at her and pulled her hand out and started to pop in the food machine, and she started he heing/cooing with a big smile. You could tell she was trying to joke with me. Like "look mom I can get my fist in my mouth faster than you can feed me."

She's also starting to act. I know I'm in trouble. The other morning I she woke me up smacking on her hand. A sure indication that if I didn't wake up and present the utter that crying would commence. :-) So I got up and walked over to the bassinet. We made eye contact and then all of a sudden I see a smile, her eyes close her head fall to the side and her hands fall limply to her side. But then I notice her left eye, is slightly open. She's watching me. I mention to this 8 week old drama queen that "I know you're awake." What to I get but a quick smile (eyes still half closed as though asleep), and her head turns to the other side.

When I picked her up she yawned and stretched like she just woke up. Little drama queen.

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Anna said...

Too funny - you are going to have your hands full with that little imp! It's good to read that you're having so much fun with her, Elisa. :-)