Saturday, March 21, 2009

- Hats: for a friend, for myself, and to donate

I've been making a lot of hats lately. I think because they are quick, easy to put down then pick right back up, and they are giving me a sense of accomplishment.

These two hats I made to donate to the hospital I gave birth to my daughter in. They are preemie hats.

This hat I made for a friend's baby. I put it on my daughter just so she could model it. It's made in the same pattern as the one I made for her. A quick knit, with no seems it's great for a baby.

This hat I made for myself. I love it. It is so simple, yet looks deceptively difficult.

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gaga said...

I need to start doing hats. Now that I've broken through and done some socks I want to keep "growing." I'm also thinking of teaching myself to do multiple colors.

These are all great hats!