Tuesday, March 17, 2009

- Made a hat

I made a hat for my kiddo, no pattern. It's an earflap hat with no seams. I made it from 100purewool. It's single ply Padua. I made it a little big so it'll fit her next year.

These pictures are the best I could get, as she wasn't in a picture taking mood.

If anyone wants the pattern let me know. Right now I'm making another one for a friend. The one I'm making for her is in Camo colored wool. I'll get a pic before I mail it to her.


Anonymous said...

Your earflap hat is quite pretty - even with a reluctant model!

If / when you get a chance I would like your pattern.
I have been trying to knit one for several weeks now. But haven't been able to get past the earflap - 'cause I keep having to rip it out.

After five times of ripping it out, I have given up on having it done for this winter!

janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca
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gaga said...

OK. I came all the way back to this post today because I remembered the earflap hat! I would love the pattern too!

Did your hats ever sell at the baby store? I am curious. I have one baby blanket that I knit over and over because it is so comfortable for me and I can work on it and then put it down and do something else (like socks) and then come back to it. I now have 8 made, laundered, and in gift boxes. I am thinking of trying to sell them for yarn money so curious to know if anyone else had had success doing this.

Also, I have printed out the Fake Isle hat pattern. This year so far I've taught myself to do socks (OK SIMPLE socks) and also to use a cable needle. I think it is high time to learn multiple colors. Thanks for the inspiration to take that leap of faith.

And when you get a chance if you would forward the ear flap pattern I would really appreciate it:
whittykins at gmail dot com.


PS Rose Leigh is gorgeous!