Wednesday, March 11, 2009

- Some pictures

Here you see Frankenstein brownies we made on Halloween (I'm a bit late getting this picture up).The next picture is a Rosa Leigh burrito. :-) Ok, she's in a blanket (A GORGEOUS BLANKET) crocheted by a friend (Amber).

Ahh, a classic, Rosa Leigh in her swing. I don't know if she or Daddy like the swing better.

My Grandma Rosa Leigh holding her namesake and her Great-granddaughter Rosa Leigh.

Daddy and baby taking a nap.

Baby and brother.

Ahhh, sibling love and laughter.

Rosa Leigh loving her quilt.

Freshly washed Mohawk. Don't mind the date, this is really her two month birthday, but the date is wayyyyy off.

Go Baby!

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