Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is she?!? Hmmmmmm.

We have signs of teething, but they could also be signs of getting older.

Now Rosa Leigh isn't a fusser, she crys when hungry, overstimulated, or tired. Her crying consists of Wah...meh...then she's done. Enough to let you know something is going on, but not really screaming. She can produce tears, but rarely does because she doesn't cry long enough....YES, I AM A LUCKY WOMAN, this I know.

But the past week, she's been fussier than usual, drooling a LOT. Gnawing on her fist, and when I let her suck on my finger, she is no longer sucking on in, but chewing on it.

The other day one of her cheeks was swollen, red and hot to the touch, with no visible rash. It didn't bother her when we touched it, and it was gone the next day.

I can't figure out if she's growing or beginning to teeth.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

- Diapers.com a cool site

So if anyone out there needs to buy diapers, a great site is diapers.com. If you order by 6pm on a business day and order more than $49 worth of merchandise, you will get free 2 day shipping.

I placed an order today at 4pm and they said it should be here (at my home) tomorrow.

A coupon code for $10 off of your first order is LETA3319 this code will not expire! And I believe you can order any amount and it will work!

I made arrangements for daycare today....I cried. I still have 18 days at home with my little angel, but after that, I have to work. Since it's no longer 1950 and you have to have two incomes....sigh, I want to stay home with her, ahhhh, if I was only independently wealthy life would be good!