Monday, June 29, 2009

- My little drama mamma.

Rosa Leigh the actress:

We went shopping. When we got home we went to get her out of the car, but she was 'obviously' asleep. Head down, eyes closed, shoulders slumped, the whole shebang. My husband was going to get her out of the car, but he sees her asleep, and says "I'll go open up the house, you get her out." He says this as he's walking away.

She hears him walking away, and didn't realize I was right there watching her. As soon as Darwin stepped away, her head snapped up, eyes open, smiling....then she sees me. Eyes get wide, head drops to chest, shoulders slump, eyes close, and BAM we're 'back asleep'.

I start laughing, she flutters her eyelashes like she's just waking up and she glares at me for 'waking' her up. LOL.

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