Thursday, December 15, 2011

My bad

Well I'm officially a blog abandoner. I just can't seem to get the time to post. I also can't seem to finish a knit/crochet project. Right now I have a blanket on the needle (crochet) and a skirt for my toddler on the circ's by the time I'm done with the skirt it'll be just in time to fit my grandchild.

I wish I had more time, drive, organization but then I wouldn't be able to find half done projects around the house that re-spark my drive to knit/crochet.

I would love to post on here more, but the demands of a full time job, two kids, a husband, and life in general (and my inability to organize and my absolute lack of time sense) makes that nearly impossible. I will try to post more, but I've said that before, and as you can see there is a 6 month gap in my posts (if not more).

I can say that I'm not going to beat myself up over it, as the absolute joy (or as is sometimes the case "joy") I get from raising my children makes it really easy not to stress over abandoning my blog.

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