Thursday, January 5, 2012

First cut

As you might know I recently was the recipient of a brand new sewing machine.  I went to Joann's Fabric and bought about 25 patterns.  They were on sale for .99 cents each, so I got a (great) deal.  Of those 25 patterns I finally decided on my first project!  It's a McCall's pattern, which I hear are pretty easy.

This will be for my little girl.  I'm really hoping I can pull it off, because again, it's been between 20 and 22 years since I sewed.  I found the fabric I want to use, (you can see it below).

I've gotten all of my supplies, things like fabric scissors, fabric pen, pins, pin cushion, thread, etc.  Last night I made my first cuts.  I'm pretty sure I messed up on the cutting.  You see I don't do well with map reading, and the whole "fold your fabric this way and cut it that way" thing doesn't really work well in my mind.  We'll see when I start trying to sew this stuff together how I did.  I'm pretty excited about this project, can't wait to see how many ways I'll actually mess it up.

Trying to learn to sew on your own isn't that easy.  I wish the Joann's near me had sewing lessons, but they don't so I'm on my own. 

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